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SAT is Mexico´s TAX Authority, Pegaso is Certified to seal in the name of SAT every electronic invoice of their costumers We have service all around the country through our representative offices: Red de Distribuidores Pegaso Electronic Invoice in México. Mexico has been changing its invoicing procedures since year 2004. In that year the rules for electronic invoicing were published. Since then many companies have been changing to this new model. Pegaso Tecnología has been market leader on this field since 2006.

How Electronic Invoice works in México

The electronic invoice is the digital representation of a type of digital invoices (CFD), which is attached to the safety standards set by the SAT in Annex 20 of the Miscellaneous Tax Resolution. The invoice can be generated, transmitted and protected by electronic means. Each electronic invoice issued a stamp with digital (electronic signature) which confirms their origin and gives validity to the SAT, an original string that serves as a summary of the contents of the bill, and a sheet indicating the number of transaction .

What do I need to have in order to make electronic invoices in México?

Since 2011 the model has changed. Now you need to have the Advanced Electronic Signature (FIEL = Firma electrónica avanzada) and the Digital seal certificate (CSD = Certificado de Sello Digital). Both need to be processed using the program "SOLCEDI" that you can download from the SAT Page. To generate the FIEL, you need to download the SOLCEDI program, fill all the information they ask about your TAX registration in México, and you will obtain a set of files. Then you must ask for a date directly on the SAT office, take those files with you, and they will validate them. Once validated you will be able to use them not only for electronic invoice, but to pay taxes, and all your interaction with the SAT. When you have your FIEL, then using the SOLCEDI system you can process your CSD. The program will give you a new set of files, but this time you don´t need to go to your SAT Office, you will have to enter to the SAT Page and look for the "Certisat" Page. In that web page you will validate and download the necessary files for your CSD. Don´t worry, if you need the service we can help you all the way, so you can obtain the necessary files to operate the system Once we have the files, then we should register you on our system to allow you making electronic invoices. You can have two different kinds of services with us:

Managed Service: This is an online service on the web. You will configure and use the service totally on the web. You can make invoices, add your own logo to them, make queries and reports, everything from your online service.

Integrated Service: Many companies actually have an ERP or administrative systems running, and want to keep working that way. The solution is only changing the way they make their invoices, and everything else remains the same. So we give all the assistance to make the necessary changes on your systems, to make it able to use our online services integrated with your ERP or administrative solution. We have made this integrations with too many systems up to date, we have costumers who use SAP, Oracle, Informix, SQL, Microsoft Dynamics, and many other different systems. We have successfully integrated all this different business scenarios with our application. We are also used to make the necessary consulting in all the fields involved on this change, so we can assist you with systems, tax, law and all the different questions you may have.

Reception of Digital Invoice

The reception module is based on the rules governing the issuance of digital invoices, as each voucher received must be reviewed and validated with great efficiency and accuracy to ensure the correct formation of the electronic document that we are collecting. The main function of this module is easily integrated into existing processes for receipt of tax receipts of the company and provide a simple and high capacity to its suppliers so that they can adapt quickly to the scheme of digital invoices. Like CFDs broadcast module, the receiving module has elements of business, tax and technology that allow for easy adaptation in the processes of your company and provide a better and easier integration with their suppliers who are adopting the scheme.


What are they? The Addenda are additional non-tax information can be added to an electronic invoice within the XML file and can be or cannot be, part of the printed version (the PDF file). There are two types of Addenda:

The Issuer Addenda. If you have an invoice including tax data, for example, vendor name, the number of purchase order or production order, the license plates of a vehicle, means of transport which moves the goods sold, the name of a patient, and so on, and you want to include this information into the electronic bill, then it should be included in the addenda section of the XML file. If you only add this data to the printed representation of the voucher, the clients you send the electronic invoice files XML, will not receive this information.

The Customer or Receiver Addenda. These are intended to automate the reception of electronic invoices. Several companies have successfully implemented their use and ask their suppliers to include them. In our country, many companies have standardized system GS1México (Before AMECE Mexican Association for Electronic Commerce Standards), although this practice is not mandatory, each company has its own definitions of Addenda.

Does Addendas have a cost?

In our case, the addendas have an additional cost, and we make sure that the added  addendas meet all the standards requested by the clients, we test for SLOS performance against client systems  that are installed on each system independently If you change the print format to suit the required data in it. Each client is a tailored suit, and we guarantee the optimal functioning of the addenda. The Addenda Pegasus is a warranty that customers will receive their electronic bills without problem, do not take risks, you always have someone to support you in any situation and eventuality. Do not put your company in the hands of people who promise  "free"  things without any kind of

warranty in one of the most important administrative process of your business: (letting it stand in the administrative part of their most important business:) billing. (For all the information you may need please fill our contact form on the right side bar, and we will contact you.) The software solutions published on this site are certified to work with the SAT Specifications. Pegaso Tecnología is Certified by GS1 México (Before AMECE Mexican Association of Electronic Comerce Standars) for Addendas. We have already several addenda, If you can´t find here the right addenda you´re looking for, or if you need a different special addenda, please let us know on our contact form above on this same page. Thank you! If you want more information, a quote or callback, please fill our contact form located on the left side bar.

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